A Moment with ECC, Malacca

It's been a month we haven't post anything. We (Antony, Indra, Handa, Vicky and I) were too busy taking so many groups for a trip to Batu and Bromo mountain.
One of our guests, a group named ECC (Environment Cycling Club) from Malacca, Malaysia, they were arrived on 6th of May.

The first two days was my job & Indra’s to collect them at the airport & took them for a ride to Coban Tengah - Coban Putri, Batu.
At the same time, Antony was already in Bromo with another group from France that came 2 days earlier, so I filled his duty until he join the group in day three.

The Arrival.

There are 14 people from ECC group. They all were wearing a blue t-shirts that say ‘Shimano Burung Hantu’ when they arrived at Juanda Airport, Surabaya. According to one of the member, Mr Ben, it is actually a name of a yearly cycling event in Malacca. The name Burung Hantu which means an owl is to represent a rider who loves cycling at night.
Arrived in Juanda Airport, Surabaya.

There was a man among these 14 people that didn’t plan to ride. He’s Mr Beng Teng Tay, the father of Tay Kheng Chiong. He went exploring Surabaya city by himself for 2 days and later on meet us in Malang. He look incredibly fit for a  83 years old man!
Beng Teng Tay. He loves heritage things. Vicky accompanied him during his trip in Malang.
Stopping by in Pondok Desa restaurant. It only took 10 minutes driving from the airport and the restaurant was very crowd when we got there.
Day 1.

We went straight to Antony’s house to drop off our belongings. Follow by sightseeing to Candi Badut at 5 pm. We went to Soto Lombok for dinner. And finally in the evening we went back to Anthony’s house to ensemble the bikes. No riding schedule on that day.
At Candi Badut. Lucky the guard still let us in even though it was already closing time

SOTO LOMBOK. This is what we had for dinner.  Soto Ayam, a yellow spicy chicken soup with rice. "It's nice but not big enough. They should do a larger serving of this!” said Woo.

Readying the bikes in Antony's house.

Day 2.

After we had a breakfast at 06.30 in the house, we went to Batu using 2 vans and 2 mini trucks until we reached the entrance of Coban Rondo. Right after the passengers had been moved to the trucks, the vans went back to the finish point and waited there.
The riders moved in the mini truck.

First thing we did was taking a group photo right at front of a sign board of Coban Rondo. Everyone seemed enjoy this trip very much. They stopped every time they found something interesting along the trail and captured the moments through their cameras. The things I love from this trip was that we treated each others like family, they also did the same to the locals they met.
I was worry about rain, because Indra & I and riders from de Cluster Cycling club were surveying the location right after a rainy day and the trail was absolutely slippery! (see the video here). Lucky for this group they rode in a good weather. It was raining 2 days prior their arrival.
(The riders from left to right): Indra, Andy, Ben Soon, Tehg Kuan Yong (Ah Yong), Max Wang, Tan Ah Poh (Ah Pau), Danny Ow, Tan Teck Sin (Ah Sin), Tay Kheng Chiong (KC), David Goo, Starbucks Leng, Danny Ong (Danny Botak), Lim Seng Hann, Lim Khe Boo (Ah Woo), Lee Chian Kuan,

Danny Ow in the uphill section of the trail.

Tay Kheng Chiong (KC) and a farmer with Panderman Hill in the background.
This pair of baskets might contain up to 100 kg. Ben Soon was trying to lift it up and ended up with nothing but smile.

We reached at Coban Putri at 13.30 with no accident. All people in the group jumped into the water and had fun. Mr Ben told me they really love water because there was a history of water shortage crisis in Malacca. He said that Malacca’s people used to be forced to use plastic water containers so that water can be stored for their daily needs (back then in 1991-1992 according to google).
Arrived in Coban Putri. We have finally made it.

Standing still while putting head inside the waterfall. He must be very strong.

One last pose in the end of trail. The instruction was "Everyone look up at one point!".  This is what they always do wherever they ride in group.
After spending time about 30 minutes in a cold water of Coban Putri, we decided to changes plan. The mini trucks were no longer needed since the group wanted to ride some more, so we told the drivers that had been waiting to go home (sorry for that, Mr driver..hehe) and then we cycled back all the way down to Antony’s house.
We stopped by in Rumah Makan Padang Arau Indah for lunch in the middle of the way home.

(to be continued).

Words: Andy
Photos taken by: ECC's riders.


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